Enjoy your favored cannabis/CBD strain in a premium 100% natural leaf wrap with a real bamboo tip, while reading the long awaited kiwi Ras Cannabis mutant comic book "The Yagga of the 45th Parallel".

Pre order includes : "The Yagga of the 45th Parallel" & 5 Pack of Yagga Wraps

YAGGA of the 45th Parallel Comic book pre-sale Package

  • Our leaves are all Ayurveda and Naturally Grown. Our Bamboo Tips are Antibacterial. Looking for a smooth, slow burning Blunt Wrap? Each of our 4 leaves have been carefully selected to provide a perfect experience from beginning to end. Slow Burn, Smooth Taste, Ease of Use, Natural Non-Tobacco, Non GMO, Vegan Friendly and No Chemicals EVER! Try our Exotic Blunt Wraps today and Experience the Jungle!